Friday, June 10, 2011

Necessary{and unnecessary}new{old} finds♥

Maybe it's just this time of year{prom, end of the school year, graduation etc...}but it feels like there are fewer hours in every day! So while I've been a little overwhelmed with the hecticness of life lately, somehow I've managed to find my way out into the world to pick up a few wonderful things :)

I've been long overdue for a bedspread. I tried searching on-line for something vintage{with no luck}and also tried looking at Department Stores for something new but couldn't find anything I liked well enough{probably because I prefer vintage}. The second I spotted this Bates Velvet Beadspread at an Antique Mall I knew it was the one~ it is soooo soft, comfy & velvety♥♥
I've also wanted{and needed}a stand mixer for a while now. I found this vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster last week for $10~ and it works!! I love it{even though it's not pink}and can't wait to use it.

O.K. I probably didn't need this vintage Cash Register{from The National Cash Register Co. Dayton Ohio}but somehow I left the flea market with it. Once I got it home I started thinking "What the heck am I going to do with this?" my kids were asking me the same thing! But after finding the perfect spot for it....I'm in love with the shabby timeworn rusty old thing!! It's great for holding magnets{for completed Memo Boards in my Shop}and the drawer is perfect for storing little things.

The tag under the register drawer is marked Fox Theater 1949 Los Angeles California, it might have been used inside this Theater??

I finally pulled this old hutch out of my bathroom because I needed something in my work space for storage.
There's nothing like taking a piece of furniture from one room into another and feeling like you've got new furniture :)