Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chalk new obsession

It's been quite a while since my last post... but I'm still here :) I thought I'd share a project I recently finished. I picked up this night stand/shelf combo{for $25 at the flea market}. I've been impatiently waiting & wanting to try out Chalk Paint on furniture~ so I was thrilled when I found this piece.
Years ago I used to paint furniture that I'd sell at flea markets. I've always enjoyed painting furniture, but loathed the process of sanding, priming and absolutely hated the thought of stripping old paint off a piece of furniture!!!
Holy cow! I can not tell you how much I LOVE using Chalk Paint♥ The fact that you don't have to prime before painting is probably my favorite part. I've heard SO much about Annie SloanCeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint. After checking out both Companies, I wasn't excited about how expensive it is~ not to mention I'd have to order it on-line{then wait for it to arrive}and I wanted to get started right away. So, I started searching the internet on "How to make Chalk Paint"....
This project was done using a recipe I found here . I bought a paste wax from Home Depot, used brushes I already had and used a soft cloth to rub the wax in & wipe off{although Annie Sloan & Cece Caldwell use a wax brush to apply their wax, I followed the directions of the wax I purchased}. A few things I liked when reading about CeCe Caldwell's paint: the paint has no Volatile Organic Compounds, it's non toxic, has no odor and the fact that you use a wax brush instead of a cloth. 
I decided to purchase a couple sample paints & sample wax{here}. Each 4oz. tub is enough to cover a small piece of furniture. I have the perfect vintage night stand that I can't wait to test these out on! I'll be sure and post the end result.