Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Paper Crafts & Decor

I'm not sure what we did before the internet, but I love being just a few clicks away from any project. Here are some of my favorites{each with links to DIY instructions}. They're all pretty inexpensive, in some cases free if you already have what you need on hand. You end up with some really cute & fun handmade decor{not to mention a great way to pass some time if you've got cabin fever especially for those of you who've been snowed in}.
{Paper Pom Pom's}
1. pom poms in the trees, 2. Pom Poms & Paper Circles 6, 3. Hanging Poms, 4. Untitled

{Sewing Pattern Flowers}

{Handmade Butterfly Chandelier}

{Bird Cage Lanterns}


I loved this tutorial title: "A Terribly Unorganized Tutorial On Banners", it made me lol...she's definitely my kind of crafter!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Shabby Redo

My computer's been causing me lots of problems lately, the up side to that is it's given me extra time to do things around the house that I've been putting off. Little by little we've been doing some work on my daughters room. She wanted a Black and White room, something a little more grown up like Hollywood Glam or Boudoir Style{she's only 13 and shares a room with her little sister, so she needed to compromise a little}and she insists no Shabby Chic or Cottage style for her! Browsing through Anthropologie we found a look we'd all be happy with.
I'm crazy about their Bedding, I'd even consider trading in my vintage sheets and duvet for the Tuxedo Bedding set
Awwww, this would be perfect, what girl wouldn't love a Vanity in her room.

I love these vintage style bulbs{ it's the first I've seen of them} I'd love to use these in a few of my lamps!
And WOW, if I had an extra $4,800 lying around I would buy this too...and hang it over my bed♥♥

I better get back to painting!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Sunny Valentines Day...

It felt so much like summer today, warm and sunny. Everywhere you looked people were wearing shorts, sundresses and flip flops. It's hard to believe that some parts of the world are covered in snow. So we headed to one of my favorite places....
The Beach

We could even see a little bit of Catalina.
Sand Berms still piled high protecting homes from high surf and high tide.

This is where I spent weekends and summers growing up{second floor, right on the boardwalk} my Dad had the ultimate Bachelor pad!

This has always been my favorite house, a Cottage on the Beach~ could it get much better than that???
I finally got around to re-doing my bathroom. About a week ago I stripped the paint, sanded and primed it{all in one day} I wasn't sure my hands and forearms were ever going to be the same! So now that I've recovered, it's time to paint. I'm using mint green with pink and white accents. I just bought these cute cottage prints that I plan on framing and hanging in there.
I also bought these darling Tea Towels, they were just too cute to pass up!