Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Paper Crafts & Decor

I'm not sure what we did before the internet, but I love being just a few clicks away from any project. Here are some of my favorites{each with links to DIY instructions}. They're all pretty inexpensive, in some cases free if you already have what you need on hand. You end up with some really cute & fun handmade decor{not to mention a great way to pass some time if you've got cabin fever especially for those of you who've been snowed in}.
{Paper Pom Pom's}
1. pom poms in the trees, 2. Pom Poms & Paper Circles 6, 3. Hanging Poms, 4. Untitled

{Sewing Pattern Flowers}

{Handmade Butterfly Chandelier}

{Bird Cage Lanterns}


I loved this tutorial title: "A Terribly Unorganized Tutorial On Banners", it made me lol...she's definitely my kind of crafter!


Mother Huddle said...

Those poms, oh my. Love.
Thanks for including us in your finds!

Ribbons Undone said...

Well, I stumbled upon your blog thru someone else's blog, and I am really enjoying it. I agree--what would we do without the computer--a few clicks away from wonderful crafts ideas, tutorials, and inspirations. I've been blogging daily about my projects and am always in search of more. Thank you for sharing your fabulous finds and ideas, Victoria