Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time + fabric= awesome pillow covers!

Last week my car broke down, which left me stranded at home. I had way too much time on my hands and nothing to work on for my Etsy Shop{no frames- because of course my car broke down the day before the flea market}. I needed to do something productive, so I thought I'd try using whatever fabric I had left over from past projects & make pillow covers for my couch cushions. I can sew 4 straight lines and make a pillow, but I wanted to make envelope pillow covers so they could be removed and washed. I went on Youtube and searched: How to make an Envelope Pillow Cover, and this is what I found. Now, I totally expected it to be too difficult, and she almost lost me at "you need to fold 1/4" and iron" and "pin your fabric pieces"...
I love to sew, but loathe patterns or anything that's too detailed or time consuming when it comes to a sewing project. After watching the video, I really felt like it was do-able. What I loved was that she explained how to make it work for whatever size cover you needed, and walked through each step. Once I did the math for what I'd need fabric wise, I wrote it out on a piece of paper, just so I wouldn't miss any steps. My pillows are pretty big: 25" x 25", and I quickly realized I didn't have any pieces large enough, ahhhhhhhhhhh!! I was already set on making them, so I decided to piece together the sizes I needed.
Here's the back{envelope side}, I still can't believe I made them....if I can do it, anyone can! Thanks to The Crafty Gemini her tutorials are awesome!!!
It's like having a bouquet of flowers on my couch♥

Seriously? This is not what I had in mind when I spent days making these! Does he think if he doesn't look at me I won't see him? Sheesh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BEST Swap EVER!!!

When I was asked if I was interested in a trade for something in my Vintage Shop{for a Boopsie Daisy Doll}, I was thinking..."Seriously, are you kidding me?" YES!! She asked what kind of doll I'd like, I said: I love anything cute, pastel{pinks, blues} pretty much your whole Shop rolled up in a ball!! And this is what she came up with♥
 AND not only is she the cutest thing I've ever seen but she smells good enough to eat!!! I'm not sure I feel right about calling it a swap~ it's like I sent a bag of rocks & I received a bag filled with gold!
I mentioned last year in this post how I was lucky enough to stumble onto two of her dolls. 
Completely handmade~ that is amazing! To top it off, Missy is probably the most sweet, bubbly, positive, enjoyable human being I've ever come across~ it's like she's made up of Rainbows, Sunshine & everything in your favorite Candy Shop :)
I thought my little shelf made me smile before, but now I'm constantly grinning like a mental patient! If your not familiar with Missy Munday's{BoopsieDaisy}Shop you can check it out here. And if you want to see the most incredible collection of dolls ever then go here .

What Eye Candy!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm a list maker. For years before going to bed I'd make a list of what I needed to do the next day{I also couldn't go to be without making sure the kitchen was cleaned, dishes done and the living room picked up....then I started getting old and climbing into bed at the end of the day started sounding much better than my need to have everything nice & tidy~ that is until waking up to a mess the next morning!}.
I started making Chalkboards for my Etsy Shop after making one for my home. Now I use them around the house to keep organized & remind me of important things that I know I'd forget if I didn't jot it down.
 At a recent trip to Joann's Craft Store I came across Martha Stewart chalkboard paint. I fell in-love with a couple of her shades~ which are so different than most options out there. Two of my favorites: Blue{similar to aqua} and Green{a soft mint}.

My fridge is on it's last leg. It's a great fridge: it's huge{holds a lot}and I love that the freezer's on the bottom, but it's almost 10 years old and recently the handle on the upper door broke off. My first thought when I saw the Chalkboard paint was doing this..... For now, making my fridge multifunctional makes it's other issues a little more bearable :)
 This is what I'm dreaming of replacing my old fridge with someday.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage Chair spruce up!

I picked this chair up at a Thrift Store about 7 years ago. I loved the shape, the size and the legs{plus it was really comfy & squishy to sit on}. My plan was to re-cover it...but clearly hadn't gotten around to it. So, finally I decided to do something to it!
The original floral fabric on the back of the chair was in great condition 
so I decided not to cover it up. Until I learn more about furniture upholstery
this will have to do for now{and maybe some paint on the legs}. 
The next thing I'd love to learn is piping~ I can't imagine that being easy!

I thought these were some pretty cool before & after re-do's.
1. Before and after: Wreck to gorgeous, 2. Lovers Computing Chair, 3. How I spent my Saturday night, 4. before and after 1, 5. "Circus" chair - before after, 6. Upholstered arm chairs
WOW~ what a little paint and fabric can do :)