Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BEST Swap EVER!!!

When I was asked if I was interested in a trade for something in my Vintage Shop{for a Boopsie Daisy Doll}, I was thinking..."Seriously, are you kidding me?" YES!! She asked what kind of doll I'd like, I said: I love anything cute, pastel{pinks, blues} pretty much your whole Shop rolled up in a ball!! And this is what she came up with♥
 AND not only is she the cutest thing I've ever seen but she smells good enough to eat!!! I'm not sure I feel right about calling it a swap~ it's like I sent a bag of rocks & I received a bag filled with gold!
I mentioned last year in this post how I was lucky enough to stumble onto two of her dolls. 
Completely handmade~ that is amazing! To top it off, Missy is probably the most sweet, bubbly, positive, enjoyable human being I've ever come across~ it's like she's made up of Rainbows, Sunshine & everything in your favorite Candy Shop :)
I thought my little shelf made me smile before, but now I'm constantly grinning like a mental patient! If your not familiar with Missy Munday's{BoopsieDaisy}Shop you can check it out here. And if you want to see the most incredible collection of dolls ever then go here .

What Eye Candy!!!


Louise.Amabilis said...

Love these sooo much!

boopsiedaisy said...

This post makes me cuckoo with giddiness, Kristen!

I couldn't possibly be smiling any bigger if I tried! :) xox!

Carly said...

So cute!

Rosa said...

Yes, indeed, a very good swap! So sweet!!!