Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Etsy Favorite♥

I found the Shop Retrostiletto on Etsy this morning{she also has a super cute Blog}. I bought this print for my daughters room. Luckily they're both too young to date, but when they do...this is the kind of boyfriend I hope they'll have{or that they'll want/expect/know they deserve to have}.
She'll also customize the colors for you{and it comes in 4 different sizes}. This is what she put together for me{below}I can't wait to frame it♥

Decor Inspiration on Flickr♥

1. Aqua Purple Chevron, 2. ye ol' nawfick: THE pink couch, 3. Pair of Pastel Paint by Numbers, 4. Mantel left, 5. mirrored in black, 6. Tresaures, Cahaba Heights, AL

I'd love to find a soft velvety vintage couch like that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Latest Flea Market Finds

I feel like I'm buried in them. So, some I'll keep and some will go into my Vintage Etsy Shop.

How cute is she! I think she's supposed to be a fairy because she has wings and a wand.
Lots of vintage pennants, a quilt, chenille blankets, satin eiderdown, paintings...
and the cutest little lamp I've ever seen!

My brother and I were recently talking about the things we had as kids that we wished we'd kept. His was a huge collection of 7-eleven Baseball Slurpee cups from the 70's. After we got off the phone I started browsing Ebay and found these.

14 cups in a listing that was ending in two 5:30 a.m.{good thing I like my brother}. He loved them. Thanks Ebay♥

What I've been busy working on for my Shop:

Now back to work :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Collections, Projects & {yay}it's Summertime!!

Finally a cuckoo clock for that open spot...

So, before I end up with more than I need{or have places to hang}I just might be able to give it a rest now...

or so I thought until I spotted this unbelievely cute clock on Etsy....Holy Cow, I've been fighting with myself for days on whether or not to push the Add to cart button :/ This is a project I've been forced into having to complete. I bought this beautiful vintage Eiderdown that arrived in excellent condition~ something you don't always expect to find since most are 70+ years old. So when I heard my daughter yelling "No Bear"! "Oh my gosh....MOM"!! I was pretty sure whatever it was, it wasn't going to be good.
I found my puppy sitting on top of it ripping it apart! He looked something like this, but with a face full of feathers almost saying "Huh....what"?? He's lucky I love him.
It's kinda hard to stay mad at him, he's really funny and has some pretty interesting quirks. This is his favorite way to sleep, we call it dead bug or junk to the sky pose~ it's so not an attractive look, but always makes me laugh when I see him doing it :)
I much more prefer his flat body Superman sleeping position.

One down, three to go! My oldest graduated from High School. Yay!!!
What a great day.

This is definitely my favorite time of year♥