Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recycled Scarf

I haven't sewn in quite awhile, it's something I love to do but don't do often enough. There's something relaxing and rewarding about sitting down with an idea in my head and then creating it. So I thought I'd break out my sewing machine and make something this weekend. I have lots of old quilt pieces and vintage fabric that I've been wanting to do something with, so I thought I'd make a scarf...kind of like a quilt for your neck.
Living in Southern California there's such a small window of time where you need a scarf, so now I'm ready for those few days...

That was fun!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Inspiration memo board GIVEAWAY.....

When I first started my Blog a few months ago I did a giveaway for a pouch that I'd made. It was so much fun that I thought I'd do another one! This time it's for an Inspiration/memo board that I had made for my Etsy shop.
The frame measures 13.5' x 16.5', the pink paint is slightly distressed(showing through to the paint below in some areas), the fabric is a cute Japanese floral print, and it also comes with two vintage button magnets.
All you have to do is post a comment here and I'll announce the winner Monday October 6th.
Thanks :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shopping list Saturday....

I love the variety of Tattoo themed items you can find on Etsy~ from necklaces, earrings, wall art, even onesies! Here are just a few of my favorites.
Starting at top left:
1) Customizable Sparrows and Banner Wall Art, by: HutchMe
2) Sailor Darling gets a Tattoo, by: pinkytoast
3) Tattoo art earrings, by: dimestoredaze
4) Mom sparrow necklace, by: HeartSizedCrush

If you'd like to see more Shopping list Saturday finds, stop off at Fancypicnic's blog to check out other participating shops.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whimsical supply shop worth sharing

Where have I been and why don't I know about this on-line supply shop??? I love this time of year and was searching on-line for Halloween decorations when I found D.Blumchen & Co. They have supplies and decorations for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentines Day~ all things with the feeling of the past. They also carry Vintage Old stock supplies too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost off to College....

As much as I've been looking forward to my kids going back to school, I really miss having my youngest home with me. After taking her to school for her first day of Kindergarten, it felt like I had just dropped her off at College! It's amazing how fast they grow up~ now I wish they all were little again.
I don't know what happened?? I was supposed to have blisters on my feet from dancing around the house now that I finally have it all to myself.

The typewriter I found at the Estate Sale last week has been put to good use. My daughter loves it, she lugged it around the house typing the weekend away. I forgot how loud they can be, I think the last time I heard a typewriter was in 8th grade typing class~ man are they loud!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Two happy girls....and a sad sad day.

I had to banish my dogs from the house for the last week until I could give them a bath. My big dog waits until everyone's asleep to sneak on the couch for the night, so until they were clean they had to be outside dogs. Now they're clean and happy as can be!

Now for the sad news.
First, I should explain that I've collected, worn and loved these vintage slips(below)for years. I'd wear them to bed as nightgowns or under my dresses. A few months ago, I grabbed one to put on before bed and as I walked past the mirror I caught a glimpse of what looked like a walking sausage.... stuffed into my beautiful slip!! Horrified I quickly took it off. Yikes!! One of two things has happened, either someone is sneaking into my house(probably while I sleep) and quietly sewing most of my clothes a couple sizes smaller or my lack of exercising on a regular basis has finally caught up with me! Who has time for exercising?? Between crafting/blogging/etsying and all my Motherly/house duties.... when am I supposed to find the time to work out???
I'm hoping for the first scenario, I'm thinking of calling the Police to see if anyone else has reported the same problem.
So recently I sold them all in my Etsy Vintage shop~ they went to a nice home.
That experience has also made me think about doing something that makes me break out into a sweat when I think of it(but is sure to give someone a laugh)I thought I should do some Before and After pictures of myself....for motivation. I think it would really make me work my butt off so I'd have a great After picture?? Did I mention I'd be in a Bikini?? Of course I'd have to Picnik the pictures to death first.

Need some Inspiration??

Have you heard of the Junk Gypsies? I first came across them last summer in one of my favorite magazines Country Living. I love everything about their style~ shabby, tattered, worn & pre-loved collected roadside treasures. You can check out their website, find upcoming events and even purchase some of their Gypsy goods.

Recently I came across a video that gives a glimpse into the life of the Junk Gypsies. Talk about living your dream....what an amazing life, and so inspiring! I know it's a little long, but so worth watching. Enjoy :)

Waking up to the Motherload.....

This morning on the way to drop my son off at school I noticed an Estate Sale across the street. I still had to get back home and help my daughters get ready and off to school before I could get to it. The second I stepped in the door I knew it was going to be a good one. The sale was being held by the daughter of the home owner(who was probably in her 90's)those are always the best sales to go to because it seems like the family just wants to clear out the house. Once inside, it was like going back in time to the 50's or 60's!
I'm always looking for vintage frames to use with my Inspiration Boards so finding these old ornate frames all in one place was amazing!! My daughter who loves to write stories has been wanting a typewriter for the longest time, this one works great! I also picked up a Vintage Christmas Tablecloth, candy cane decorations, vintage glasses(California souvenir), tiny Dutch shoe planter, misc. sewing notions & a Her hand towel.
And this all happened before 8:30 a.m. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shopping list Saturday....VINTAGE!!!

What better way to find an eclectic mix of Vintage items then browsing through Etsy's Vintage shops....and you don't even have to leave the house!

1) Vintage floral metal canister, by: lorenzstudio
2) Old trunk suitcase, by: Fuzzymemories
3) Vintage apron, by: SpoolDesign
4) 1950's Typewriter, by: PoeticHome
5) Startex Tablecloth, by: thecherrychic
6) Roller Derby skateboard, by: cozystudio
7) Vintage green beaded necklace, by: treasuredvintage
8) Pyrex refrigerator dish, by: ricracandbuttons
9) 50's Prom dress, by: hautecountryvintage
10) Red flower tray, by: vintagegoodies
11) Figurines, by: Vintageforever
12) Vintage dress, by: badluckbettyvintage
13) Vintage set of glasses, by: koyani

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Look what's coming to town...

I recently received an e-mail about an upcoming event(September 11th,12th & 13th) that's so right up my alley!! It's the 3rd annual Junk Bonanza featuring over 100 vendors and artisans selling antiques, vintage items & good old junk. How perfect is this~ spending the day(kid free)wandering from vendor to vendor......and it would be perfect if I lived in Minnesota!!! What?? I guess I totally overlooked the fact that it's in the Midwest~ which I'm guessing is no where near Southern California!!
So for those of you who are actually close enough to enjoy this great event, you can check out all the details here. Have fun, I'd love to hear from anyone who has the chance to make it there.
***The picture below should be me :(