Friday, September 12, 2008

Two happy girls....and a sad sad day.

I had to banish my dogs from the house for the last week until I could give them a bath. My big dog waits until everyone's asleep to sneak on the couch for the night, so until they were clean they had to be outside dogs. Now they're clean and happy as can be!

Now for the sad news.
First, I should explain that I've collected, worn and loved these vintage slips(below)for years. I'd wear them to bed as nightgowns or under my dresses. A few months ago, I grabbed one to put on before bed and as I walked past the mirror I caught a glimpse of what looked like a walking sausage.... stuffed into my beautiful slip!! Horrified I quickly took it off. Yikes!! One of two things has happened, either someone is sneaking into my house(probably while I sleep) and quietly sewing most of my clothes a couple sizes smaller or my lack of exercising on a regular basis has finally caught up with me! Who has time for exercising?? Between crafting/blogging/etsying and all my Motherly/house duties.... when am I supposed to find the time to work out???
I'm hoping for the first scenario, I'm thinking of calling the Police to see if anyone else has reported the same problem.
So recently I sold them all in my Etsy Vintage shop~ they went to a nice home.
That experience has also made me think about doing something that makes me break out into a sweat when I think of it(but is sure to give someone a laugh)I thought I should do some Before and After pictures of myself....for motivation. I think it would really make me work my butt off so I'd have a great After picture?? Did I mention I'd be in a Bikini?? Of course I'd have to Picnik the pictures to death first.


ittybittybirdy said...

Oh I lost my dog for a few hours yesterday. Someone called and said they found him. When I got there he was covered in Sh*t!!! And I forgot a leash! So I had to carry him! YUCK!

Also I don't know I should share this because you could take it wrong. But I have a sad slip story too. I have weight issues (but of the other sort) I can't gain weight! And it causes health problems and such. But I bought this slip in a very small size so I could feel pretty after the wedding. And when I tried it on it looked like I was a little girl trying on my mothers slip!!! I did not feel a bit sexy.

I hope you buy yourself some more beautiful slips after you get yourself to your comfortable size. Good luck... and don't be too hard on yourself!!! ♥

Linda Crispell said...

It's funny, no matter how busy I am during the day I always have time to eat (lots and lots)but never enough time to exercise. The same little mischief maker altering your slips made my doorways narrower and seats every where smaller. I would post my pic in a bathing suit if I thought it would motivate me, imagine Raymond Burr in a bikini.

Amber Dawn said...

oh my, if you find the perpetrators let me know because I have a case against them also!!!

Kristen said...

Ha Ha...I'm so glad to see others are having the same issue with these intruders!

Chelsea~ I wish I had your problem, so I'm sending you some cookies :)