Friday, August 28, 2009

♥SWEET Shelf Displays♥

1. Red gingham edging on the shelves, 2. 1950's Kitchen shelves:), 3. things, 4. my work area, 5. Posey Corner, 6. Same shelf,different room!

This is a shelf in my room. It's a piece of salvaged awning taken off an old home~ what a great way to re-use & repurpose! I've been looking for more shelving for awhile now, with not much luck. I don't think you can ever have too many shelves :)

I love this simple display.

1. craft*space

I'll be hitting a few Estate Sales & the Flea Market this weekend, hopefully I'll have some luck♥

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh the Things I'd ♥ to see on my Walls...

Love this Cuckoo Clock! Well, at least the image of a Cuckoo Clock, since I know nothing about making a real one work this would be perfect for me.

By: decoylab

This makes me Laugh...and my kids thought I was the last person on earth using the word Shenanigans!!

By: 3LambsGraphics

I really think this could make doing laundry much more enjoyable.

By: KnockKnocking

Hung above my Sewing Machine, this might be a motivator to get more sewing done!

By: alidesign

A beautiful print of an original oil painting, I'd love this on my wall or anything by Janet Hill~ her work is amazing.

By: janethillstudio

Well, enough window shopping for it's back to work.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you Stumble?

And by Stumble I mean I've come across some pretty cool sites that way. It's fun mindless wandering. BUT, beware....sometimes it's hard to get out once you're in!! Here are just a few of my favorites today that I thought were worth sharing.

I thought this Blog: My Junk Mail was too funny! It's dedicated to funny jokes, pictures & video's the Blogger has received.

O.K., I am really loving this site: a site about DIY (Do It Yourself) Clothing and Crafts. It's loaded with Tutorials & Guides. Seriously, these tutorials are step-by-step with pictures. You can learn how to make: pleats, ruching with elastic, install a zipper, and there's even Sewing Machine Trouble Shooting help(I could use that!)What the crap! Why have I never seen this site before???

Oh Boy! This one made me Laugh outloud!! Over at you'll find tons of funny pictures & video's like Missing Bike No Reward.

Ya, it's probably a good idea to do it in the morning :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping List Saturday....Barkcloth♥

I love this textured fabric. Popular in the 50's through the 70's, and now a sought after collectible. I'm always amazed to see what someone does with well loved vintage are some awesome finds.

1) Pair Barkcloth Pillows, by: Shugsthisnthat 2) Rose Clutch Bag, by: PaisleyDaisy08
3) Vintage Linen Aline Skirt, by: grevilleadesign 4) Barkcloth Backpack Bag, by: vintagetouch 5) Pot-belly Doorstop, by: punchanella 6) Floral Barkcloth Tile Pendant, by: thegildedlily 7) Envelope Clutch, by: mystudio 8) Barkcloth Dress, by: MaidenRaptureVintage 9) Baby Barkcloth Hat, by: vintagebabyjane

If you'd like to see more Shopping list Saturday finds, stop off at Fancypicnic's blog to check out other participating Etsy shops.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Vintage Home....

I love any opportunity to find Vintage goods for my Home. Whether I'm out hunting through Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores OR sitting at my computer looking through my favorite on-line Shops~ I love the search.
These on-line Shops filled with Vintage Goodness make it easy, and are always fun to browse through....
My Three current favorites are:
Decorative Country Living where you'll find a mix of antique, vintage and new items for your home and garden.

This next one, I'm not even sure how I stumbled onto it, but I'm glad I did.
It's called: Louise Loves where you'll find Vintage inspiration to make a house a home. You can also check out her Blog. She has some amazing textiles.

Lastly, Counting Your Blessings, where you'll find unique vintage goods. A few years ago I bought a darling patchwork quilt there. I've always found beautiful fabric, curtains and quilts on their site.

Each shop displays their sold items, giving you an idea of the types of items they carry(and also making you want to kick yourself for missing out on something great that's already sold). Checking back often is always a good idea, so you don't miss out on any newly listed items.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FLEA MARKET style...come on 2010!

Early 2010, that's when the arrival of FLEA MARKET style magazine will hit the news stands!! I can hardly wait.

So, for now I'll continue to browse through some of my favorite books like FoundStyle....

and Flickr to get my Flea Market inspiration fix!

1. Alameda Flea market, 2. Flea market finds, 3. Flea Market Treasures, 4. Munich Flea Market, 5. flea market photo shoot, 6. flea market finds, 7. iso vintage suitcases, 8. Flea Market - Arezzo, Italy, 9. vintage tablecloths

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day at the Bay...

This is one of my favorite local Beaches(or Bays)to go to: Belmont Shores. We decided to go to the Bay side~ if you want to catch some waves....just run across the street to the Beach side. It's right down the street from where my Dad lived when I was a kid, I loved spending weekends & Summer's there!

I also finished up a few frames for my Shop, these were flea market finds that needed some freshening up!


I hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm going to be spending most of mine catching up on Laundry :{

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BookStores...Another Favorite Thing.

Love this place. I could spend hours here, just browsing around.

My daughter found possibly the sweetest book ever, All Kinds of Families! The illustrations by Marc Boutavant are amazing~ each page is like cute overload!

Love, love, LOVE his work♥♥♥

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Special Deliveries.....

The last two days have been really really good Mail days. I found this Vintage yellow Lantern print Tablecloth(that matches my pink one)on-line. I recently found this design pattern and found out that it comes in Aqua too~ that's next to add to my collection.

My friend sent me this Vintage Pitcher, I Love it and can't wait to fill it with Lemonade!

This next package was an early Birthday present to me(from me). It's Handmade from PetiteHouse. I've kept an eye on her shop for awhile now, admiring her little dwellings. When I saw this....

I knew I had to have it.

I'm beyond thrilled, it's even more amazing in person!

Looking at this little piece of Art has me feeling a little unCrafty, I'd love to be able to create something as sweet as this!
Now, I'm off to find the perfect spot for it :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking for Inspiration....

I have a huge project to take on: My daughters room. I promised her that while she's away I'd get started on painting her room, so I've turned to flickr for some inspiration. I'm finding that decorating your kids room when they're little is so much easier~ when they're little they love everything you do! Now my daughter says she's grown out of the Cutesy Pink, and no longer wants her room "All Shabby Chic", Huh, is she serious???
So, now we're looking for COLOR!!

1. Framed in 70´s fabrics , 2. art, 3. Art Wall Above Bed, 4. Patchwork Nest

I could spend all day looking through Boopsidaisy's photo's .

1. (Carou)salivate

1. Twas the Night Before

1. Walls @ N2Skin

This is my idea of the perfect room...amazing colors(and floral prints everywhere)! I wonder if they fall into the "Cutesy" category???

1. the new happy bed, 2. bedroom

This is my Crafting Space(Disaster area)in need of some serious organizing. I'm in the middle of a few projects for my Shop, but once I'm done, organizing this space is on the top of my to-do list!

I have a few things I'm patiently waiting to arrive in the mail{trying to be patient...but I'm SO excited}I'll share them once they're here :)