Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you Stumble?

And by Stumble I mean StumbleUpon.com I've come across some pretty cool sites that way. It's fun mindless wandering. BUT, beware....sometimes it's hard to get out once you're in!! Here are just a few of my favorites today that I thought were worth sharing.

I thought this Blog: My Junk Mail was too funny! It's dedicated to funny jokes, pictures & video's the Blogger has received.

O.K., I am really loving this site: WhatTheCraft.com a site about DIY (Do It Yourself) Clothing and Crafts. It's loaded with Tutorials & Guides. Seriously, these tutorials are step-by-step with pictures. You can learn how to make: pleats, ruching with elastic, install a zipper, and there's even Sewing Machine Trouble Shooting help(I could use that!)What the crap! Why have I never seen this site before???

Oh Boy! This one made me Laugh outloud!! Over at Maniacworld.com you'll find tons of funny pictures & video's like Missing Bike No Reward.

Ya, it's probably a good idea to do it in the morning :)


~~Carol~~ said...

My daughter recently introduced me to the joys of Stumbleupon! Definitely a fun way to spend a few hours! That bike poster is hilarious!

Rose said...

Looks like some great sites. Thanks for sharing!


thebabykitties said...

omg when I get home I am going to check out my stumble upon favorites. LOL its been a loooooooooong time since I have used it