Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm a list maker. For years before going to bed I'd make a list of what I needed to do the next day{I also couldn't go to be without making sure the kitchen was cleaned, dishes done and the living room picked up....then I started getting old and climbing into bed at the end of the day started sounding much better than my need to have everything nice & tidy~ that is until waking up to a mess the next morning!}.
I started making Chalkboards for my Etsy Shop after making one for my home. Now I use them around the house to keep organized & remind me of important things that I know I'd forget if I didn't jot it down.
 At a recent trip to Joann's Craft Store I came across Martha Stewart chalkboard paint. I fell in-love with a couple of her shades~ which are so different than most options out there. Two of my favorites: Blue{similar to aqua} and Green{a soft mint}.

My fridge is on it's last leg. It's a great fridge: it's huge{holds a lot}and I love that the freezer's on the bottom, but it's almost 10 years old and recently the handle on the upper door broke off. My first thought when I saw the Chalkboard paint was doing this..... For now, making my fridge multifunctional makes it's other issues a little more bearable :)
 This is what I'm dreaming of replacing my old fridge with someday.


Jenny Holiday said...

Giiiiirrrrrrl!! This is adooorbs!! Totally loving it to bits!! :)

I have the same vintage pink kitchen too! :)

Why don't you live next door? We'd have fun!

xo Jenny Holiday

Kristen said...

Are you kidding me? You live at the Jersey Shore AND you're Jenny Holiday...I'm packing my bags right now!!! How funny that you commented on this post because after seeing the Wood Mounted Ferris Wheel in your Shop~ I plan on buying/hanging it on the wall space above the fridge{after I clear away some crap}! I have your Ferris Wheel print that I originally bought for my sister-in-law, but once it arrived and I framed it~ I had to keep it :) The last time she was over she commented on how much she loved it :/
LOVE your Shop & Blog~ keep up the amazing work!!!


Louise.Amabilis said...

Great idea!
Here's also a way to make your own custom chalkboard paint colors

Kristen said...

So COOL!! Thanks for the link on how to make my own Chalkboard paint, I can't wait to try it :) I wonder if Plaster of Paris would work the same as grout?? I know what I'm doing this weekend!!!


boopsiedaisy said...

Mark my words.
I'm gonna do this!
And it'll ALL be thanks to YOU!
xoxox! :)

P.s. My dream fridge can be best friends with your dream fridge! She's the pink version, lol!

Kristen said...

So glad to see someone likes it! My boys were horrified when they saw me painting it~ one asked: "Is there anything in the house you WON'T paint??". I'll have to think about that one :)
Missy~ I think the Pink fridge was made for YOU! Aren't they the best!!! I'd probably never leave my kitchen if I had one♥♥