Sunday, January 31, 2010

Latest Vintage scores♥

Just some of the fun things I've picked up lately. I absolutely love this little Pink & cream case, I think I'll use it to store my craft supplies in.
1} Pink & cream barbie case, earrings, clock & floral tablecloth
2} Cards
3} Pastel stripped sheet & dainty floral pillow case
4} Bingo cards & games pieces, tiny Santa, 12 days of Christmas napkins, Dutch cards, Christmas deer decoration
5} Tournament ribbon & School letter
6} Frames
A silver oval locket ring{ it needs some cleaning & pictures added}
I was lucky enough to pick up a box full of these fun vintage paper lanterns. I'm listing some in my vintage Shop since I can only hang so many around the house :)
A few things that arrived in the mail. This great little pocket notebook from: Scatterboxoriginal's and some really sweet valentines and Thank You cards from theblackapple.
...and something I wasn't expecting to arrive in the mail~ the new issue of Cath Kidston! So between that & my Country Living magazine, I'm set with inspirational eye candy!


hatjunkie said...

What a feast for the eyes. Love the Barbie case. I would have killed for that as a kid.

Shabbychicdiva said...

Love them all. Barbie case is my favorite! Have a great day. Winona

melissa said...

Great finds for sure. Estate sales or thrift stores?

Kristen said...

Melissa~ Flea Market and Estate Sales :)

Joyeful said...

LOVE everything in this post!! Candy for my eyes!

corine said...

ooh! Had you and I been shopping together we would have been vying for the exact same goodies.

vintagesue said...

i love that little suitcase too. it's super sweet. thanks for sharing.

Kim G. said...

Such wonderful finds! Love the case and I'm a sucker for vintage paper lanterns!