Sunday, March 14, 2010

My new Favorite Finds, Baseball and Crafting...

Lately Blog posting has become almost as hard to find time for as exercise! I love Blogging, and spending way too much time clicking through my list of favorite blogs, but lately it feels like I can't find the time. Well, I had find the time to share some of the cutest things I picked up lately. Is this Pastel Piggy Cookie Jar not the cutest thing ever?? I bought her and the bowl to her right{bowels were something I collected a few years ago like they were going out of style!!} both for only $6.
After showing a friend my sweet find, they mentioned how well it should do in my Vintage would have thought they suggested I sell one of my kids, "Oh, I'm keeping her"!! It's like having a little pastel rainbow in my kitchen and I'm hoping the fact that she's a Pig will keep me from eating too many cookies~ wishful thinking :)

This next find, I feel I almost risked my life for! I was driving through a not so great part of town that I'm not familiar with when I spotted a Thrift Store. It was almost dark, the area was a little scary{and I'm not saying that to be a snob, but I seriously stood out}I thought I'll just run in real quick.... then I found her♥
She reminded me of the Clothes Pin dolls that are so popular now. I thought I'd grab her and get going{she was only $3~ WOW!} well once I realized I didn't have any cash on me and they don't take debit only option was to walk about six stores down to get some cash{oh ya, and by this time~ it was dark}. I don't think I've ever walked so fast... I'm glad I stopped and found her, now she sits on my shelf where I can see her while I'm working :)

We went to my nephews T-ball game, it sure did make me miss when my boys were little and spending the weekend running from game to game.
I've also spent some time painting and working on some new projects.
I love to paint, I find it relaxing for some reason, whether it's a wall, a frame or a craft project.
Now I have to get ready and head to the Flea Market to hunt down some frames. Have a great rest of the weekend!


~~Carol~~ said...

That cookie jar is so cute! Love the Springy colors!

Thriftgoddess! said...

Yes, that cookie jar is a keeper. I often find things at the thrift that I think about re-selling...then when I get them home, I change my mind!