Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flea Market Keepers♥

Lately all the ornate framed mirrors I've found have been upcycled for my Etsy Shop, but this one I'm keeping. It might get painted down the road, but for now it fits perfectly here in this spot the way it is♥
How cute is this Sailor boy{or girl- I'm not sure because of the longer hair}?? Whenever I come across poseable Japanese dolls I have to grab them since they're a pretty rare find.

A new favorite portrait. It looks like it was done with chalk, dated: 1943. A few of my kids say she looks like a ghost, my brother said she looks like Lindsey Lohan with dark hair. Of all the things I collect~ Vintage portraits are my favorite. It always has me wondering what the story is behind the people and why aren't they handed down to family members?? because I know she was someone's daughter/sister/aunt or mother. I'm happy she's mine now :)

A few projects I'm working on{{Upcycling}}right now. Beautiful ornate vintage Syroco Mirrors & Shelf
Back to work!


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Love your old portrait! I often wonder the same thing when I find old photographs - Why do they get lost and not placed in a scrapbook somewhere?

Plum said...

You have such great taste. I need to spend more time at flea markets!