Monday, August 8, 2011

Show and Tell...

Finally!! I've been patiently waiting, wanting{almost stalking}MadeByHank's Etsy Shop for years!

I finally bought one of her tough ruffles bags....and I love it!!

My Retrostiletto print arrived{I need to order a larger custom matting}it looks awesome framed!

Something else I recently bought was this antique Casket Plaque/Plate. For some reason I'm extremely fascinated with all things{vintage}Post Mortem. I have the ashes of a family member that have been sitting on a shelf, and this is what I had in mind when I saw the plaque:

I've been searching for awhile for an appropriate container for the ashes{yes, that's a film roll container, that's how they were given to me}I still haven't found one. I think the plaque makes a wonderful accent.

Sites to visit where you'll find interesting Post Mortem collectibles : Tear Drop Memories , Thanatos and Antique Photo Album.


Marty said...

Hi! I have to admit, I also find something oddly fascinating about antique post-mortem type items, like memorial cards from a funeral. I remember when I was watching the movie "The Others" with NIcole Kidman (did you see that?), there was a mention about a "book of the dead" that held photos of those who've thought was "wow! I want to see one!" I clicked on the links and was fascinated by the old photographs like that.

What an awesome purse! I have a few shops I'm stalking that way, too. Need to buy from one of them sometime soon!

Kristen said...

Hello!! Yes, I did see "The Others" what a great movie~ the ending was very cool{after I was thinking "Oh, o.k. now it all makes sense"}.
I'd love to have a "Book of the Dead" but they're pretty expensive{I think around $300~yikes!!}.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds this interesting :)


malia said...

wow i love your finds esp. that purse. super cute!

Hot House Market said...

HI~ I'm super happy I found your blog! you and I have similar taste :) Best wishes to you~ your newest follower~ Carrie @ Hot House Market said...

super adorable purse! thanks for your sharing!