Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming Soon & Salvaged Vintage Scraps

A few of these fun upcycled Jewelry Display Holders will be in my Shop.

I made the mistake of washing this vintage velvet bolster pillow cover in the washing machine. One survived, the other fell apart. I decided to keep the fabric thinking I'd use it for something{probably the rationale of a Hoarder}.

I also had this unfinished embroidered pillow case{a flea market find}. So this is what I came up with....

A comfy pillow. I also added dried lavender inside along with the stuffing.

Cute & smells great!


Carly said...

Adorable,and great idea with the lavender!
Happy weekend!

Rosa said...

Oooooh, and awwwwwwwwww. Happy New Year!

Tami Jackson said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Its lovely and i plan on following you ! Follow back if you like:)XO Tami

Julie said...

Your blog looks just adorable!
I'm a vintage lover and have been using the vintage on my clothes only -just for now-, but my house will also be full of vintage pieces in the future, that's for sure!

Your ideas are inspiring! Thanks for this lovely blog.
You're also welcome to my travel blog if interested with travelling.

Good luck!