Monday, November 10, 2008

Deliver Me!!!!!

I'm not exactly sure what that means, but my Grandmother(who was Catholic)used to say it quite a bit when my brother and I were visiting her. Since my Dad was an only child I'm sure the sound of kids bickering probably drove her nuts~ and that's usually when we'd hear her say "Deliver me". I'm assuming it has some sort of meaning with the Catholic religion......whatever it means my brother and I both say it, usually when we're in a situation where we want to pull our hair out.
I've said it quite a few times this week. Between a broken washing machine(which means lots of trips to the Laundry-mat), a broken tooth(??? I have no idea how that happened), and a broken down car~which means probably missing the Felt Club next weekend :( I'm surprised I haven't pulled all my hair out!!
It's times like these that make me happy for the little things in life. Like my little collections(that maybe only I could love) or certain spots in the house that make me forget about the nonsense going on around me.

And this stack of Magazines, that made sitting at the Laundry-mat soooooooooo much more enjoyable.


Lori said...

Oooohhh, I especially love your little "pink" sitting area! I can imagine having a warm cup of coffee and enjoying a magazine there. I am sure you have a very inviting home because your pics always show such unique and inspiring decorating styles. You do have a flair for vintage/shabby combinations, Kristen!!!

jarsofheaven said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I love its look and you have some interesting findings and a great shop! :)

Linda Crispell said...

So sorry for all of the things breaking in and around you! It does always seem to work that way. I love your vignettes, they would cheer me up in a snap.

ittybittybirdy said...

Oh dear... I am going to have to adopt that saying because I afraid I can't repeat the choice words I used this week. I am so very sorry for all your mishaps! Mostly the tooth! OH this is the worse! I also have been spending time at the laundry mat because our dryer died... second one this year. I thought I could at-least wrap cakes while I was waiting but they covered up all the electrical outlets! And I get more and more upset every-time I see someone use another towel!!!! So how about I use your dryer and you use my washer. And we can sit and talk about everything and nothing while we wait! Oh to dreaming~

Chelsea Ann

Kristen said...

Thanks everyone :)
Chelsea Ann, I so know what you mean about the towels...I'm so tired of hearing myself explain to everyone how they need to hang their towels up because I'm not making another trip to the Laundry-mat!
I'd love to have a Laundry partner, I'm ready whenever you are :)