Monday, December 22, 2008

Filling My Walls with others peoples Art

Thank goodness I'm at least creative & crafty since I have zero artistic ability. How is it that two children born to the same parents could be so different: one can draw anything and the other not able to draw a decent stick figure??? So, I guess the next best thing is to buy artwork from artists who's work I admire(and would love to be able to do myself) . Maybe when I'm 80 and finally have some free time, I can take an art class!
My twelve year old daughter recently decided she wanted to redo her room, she wanted it to be a little bit more grown up. Since she shares a room with her five year old sister, we had to come up with something that would work for both of them. Because my youngest loves anything I love(give her a few years and that will change)it was pretty easy to do.

Prints from Missbrigette and TheBlackApple.

Painted plaques with Black Apple Postcards, for the hallway.

The next set of framed Artwork for their room that I'm working on(and latest Postcard purchase: Flora & Fauna Postcard sampler).

I'll post more pic's when the room is done.

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