Sunday, February 22, 2009


To answer my own question in my last post, I absolutely was too sick to be out flea marketing!! But so glad I did. First, this is what I had to leave when the only thing on my mind was crawling back into bed:

seemed a little unfair.

I quickly realized just how badly I was feeling when I parked my usual mile away(fighting for a parking space in the parking lot stresses me out, so I always park on the street). Under normal circumstances it's a great idea because I get some exercise & don't have drive in circles waiting for someone to leave~ not such a good idea when your sick. On my way back to the car I seriously contemplated laying down for a quick nap.
Today I went with the goal of finding a certain size & style frame(usually the kiss of death...because rarely do you find what you need when you need it). But today was my lucky day, not only did I find the exact frame but some other things I needed too. I might be sharing a few of them in my Vintage Home shop.

Now I'm off to Google walking pneumonia.

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