Monday, March 2, 2009

Handmade Purse ♥

It's been about two years since I bought my last purse. This was pre-Etsy, so it was store bought-yuck! I rarely buy things for myself, mainly because kids, bills, food, gas, you name it come before anything that's not really considered a necessity.
So, quite awhile ago I came across this cute & quirky shop called madebyhank. The name made me laugh seeing that the shop owner is a she & not a he. A couple of the unique things I love about her bags is how she re-uses leather belts for the purse strap and how each bag is stitched free hand with "madebyhank".

Another favorite shop that makes amazing totes is Prettylilthings. I'm crazy about the color palate she chooses that makes each of her items so eye catching, and gives them such a whimsical feel.

Everything about this bag is so much fun! I just recently found this shop, shecological. It's filled with a variety of styles & types of bags to choose from.

So when I'm ready for my next purse purchase, I know where I'm heading to!


love said...

so cute=) i honestly don't remember the last time i bought a purse.

Kristen said...

Love~ I tried to leave a comment on your Blog but couldn't get the word verification to work.
I LOVE your $500 Wedding look~ those shoes are too cute!