Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Painting & Organizing

I finally got around to painting this little shelf that I've had for almost two years. A friend gave me a couple shelves she found abandoned curbside(my friends tend to do that~ I'm not sure what that says about me??). Although I hung them both up shortly after I got them, I never liked how they were painted.

I also decided I needed more color in my work space, so I hung an Inspiration Board I had originally made for my shop.

The shelf is perfect for displaying some favorite things... but it's also a practical way to hold my crafting supplies & jars of buttons.

I have so much more organizing and re-arranging of my work space to do. I work so much better when there's no clutter! I know what I'm spending my weekend doing.


Samantha said...

What an adorable work place! That just looks like a happy place to be. :)

Grace said...

Your workroom is so inspiring! Love the color scheme!

ittybittybirdy said...

Lovely work space. I'm sure I would gets loads of work done in such a pretty and bright studio