Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh Deer....HOW CUTE!!!

I bought these unbelievably cute stickers from SHOP 66, her shop is filled with vintage housewares, dolls, fun supplies, and kitschy toys.

So many ridiculously cute deer items on Etsy.... here are just a few that I'm loving♥

Standing Fawn Necklace, by: AnomalyJewelry
Arm Candy, by: LemonTreeStudio
Wow! I am so crazy about these colors~ looks like candy! I just might have to buy this for myself for my Birthday :)

Grape Deer Plush, by:followthewhiterabbit
I've wanted one of these since first seeing one on Etsy. I love that they're handmade by someone, not factory made. It reminds me so much of the Vintage Dakin Dream Pets.
Now I need to get ready for something not so cute~ the Dentist! Hope everyone's having a great Summer :)


our little love nest said...

I want those stickers! So cute! xo

Rose said...

I love those deer stickers! Thanks for sharing :) im off to check out shop 66...


Beach Vintage said...

Adore these stickers. I am off to check out her stuff.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

LOVING the Deer cute!

GMoss66 said...

Have fun with the deer and fawns! Each was is cut by hand with love! xoxo Gretchen @ Shop 66