Monday, June 1, 2009

Perfect Timing....

My Farm Chicks Book came just in time! I was sick this weekend, now I had everything I needed to keep me busy while laying around trying to get better. Well, I didn't really get to lay around, being a mom we never really get time off~ even when we're sick....but I did manage to watch a movie and skim through my Book.

What a cute idea, now I wish I hadn't sold my little Pink Wolverine Fridge!

I absolutely love these! Every time I come across vintage sheets at thrift stores I grab them....I've never understood why they aren't more sought after??? Which is a really good thing :)

Years ago I picked up something similar to this~ not knowing what it's function was(but it was white with red polka dots, too cute not to buy)now I finally know what it's for~ how funny!

The movie was O.K., but I'm crazy about my Book!!!


Charlotte said...

i love vintage sheets too...looks like even though you were under the weather, you had a good weekend...hope you're feeling better!

hatjunkie said...

Thanks for the sneak peak. I just discovered the farm chicks yesterday and was wishing I could get a glimpse inside the book. Definitely looks worth buying.