Monday, November 23, 2009

Estate Sales.....

This is why I love them:
I found this vintage{Gurley candle} choir girl to add to my little collection. Made during 1940's through 1970's and sold at most dime stores, these little cuties were mostly used as holiday decor, to display rather than burn.
I love my new girl :)

Another reason why I love Estate Sales: The cool completed projects you'll find! Some crafty crafter made these super cute Santa napkin holders, and I don't think they were ever used. While I'm browsing around an Estate Sale, I'm always wondering about the owner of the things I'm looking through??? I'm sure who ever made these meant for them to be used.
They'll definitely be used on our Christmas table

Another fun holiday collectible: little Putz Houses. A friend sent me this I just need to find more to get a little community going.

I've also been working hard{at what feels like a snails pace when you're sick}
Ahhh, I finally completed two Chalkboards for my Shop.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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