Thursday, December 3, 2009

Re-finding things :)

It's always a nice surprise when you come across things you forgot you had. I think it happens a lot as you get older{or once you have kids, something happens to your memory} you hide things or store them away...then when you find them again it's the best surprise "woo hoo, I forgot I had this!".
The funny thing is, I do this almost every time I "re-find" my fabric stuffed into this suitcase!
It's like the gift that keeps on giving :)

This jar filled to the brim with vintage buttons was my latest{unexpected} flea market find. I've been seriously low on my buttons supply, and was beginning to think I may never find more{without paying an arm and a leg} so I was thrilled when I found these!

I'm SO excited about this too!

Ready to stitch Tote, by Sublime Stitching.
Nothing is more relaxing than sitting and embroidering. What keeps me from doing more of it is the whole transferring pattern part~ but you don't have to worry about that step because it's already done for you.
This is what it can look like

I'm also thinking that I might need this awesome Ultimate Starter embroidery kit, it has everything you could possibly need to get yourself started.

I might have to surprise myself with it for Christmas :)


Leigh said...

I love re-finding things too. It's almost as fun as when you first found it to begin with :)

Kristen said...

I agree, and it's much cheaper too :)

Doris said...

yes is fun re-finding!

vintagesue said...

i refind things too. i think my problem is moving every two years. how to keep up with it???? ack.
i never seem to refind when i need to though.
enjoyed your post. thanks for sharing....
take care