Saturday, June 19, 2010

Craft Room & Studio Storage

I just read the most wonderful post over at Magpie Ethel's Blog. She share's the inside of her Cottage Studio. You have to see it to believe truly is a Vintage lover/Crafter's paradise.
{A shabby shelf in my craft room where I use jars to hold some of my trinkets}

Storage and Decor inspired by Magpie Ethel's Happy Studio{found on Etsy}♥

1. Antique Doll Dresser, by: simplychictiques
2. Vintage Jars, by: designarchives
3. Vintage Labels, by: mushroomandmoss
4. Vintage Kitchen Cabinet, by: thevintagesupplyco
5. Metal Storage, by: TagSaleFinds
6. Antique Striped Luggage, by: BrightWallVintage
7. Metal Tray, by: folkcity
8. Tissue Honeycomb Balls, by: dimestorechic
9. Vintage Floral Tin, by: spacejam

Inspiration on flickr:
1. Vintage Wallpaper Collection
1. File in Style
1. Dresser Drawer-UpClose
1. Milk Crate Storage for Studio

I love seeing how others store and organize their craft supplies and findings~ so many creative and fun ideas!!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Checking all my favorite blogs thru Google Reader and how sweet to see my little blog mentioned on yours...thanks for the nice words. Love the other organizational photos...always looking for new ideas. Happy Day!

Kristen said...

It was SO worth seeing I wanted to spread the word! Thanks for sharing your Happy Studio with us all :)

戴昀德 said...

If the quantity is not a lot, I will hand carry..................................................

jenny holiday said...

Cute cute cute!! But of course you know that already!! :) And oh man, who isn't inspired Laurie's magic magpie world!!?? She is my idol!!! :)

Your goodies look like shelves of candy!! Total perfection!!

Happy Summer!!
xoxo Jenny