Friday, June 11, 2010

On the hunt for Vintage Sheets

I've been on the lookout for vintage sheets for awhile now, needing to replenish my stash. It used to be that every time I went thrifting I had plenty to choose from, now they're harder and harder to find. I've got a lot of sewing projects planned over the summer: re-cover dining room chairs, kitchen cafe curtains, dog bed cover, and lots of bags{like the one's below}to send my fabric scraps in.

My ultimate goal will be to somehow create something like these:
I found these beautiful curtains on the darling Blog of maggie and sparrow, made of vintage sheets and pillow cases.

I've been gathering vintage sheets for years, and never knew there were so many others interested in them until recently. I really realized the popularity when I came across the Blog: The Vintage Sheet Blog . Now I grab the sheets I come across while thrifting/flea marketing because I know if I don't someone else will!

Flickr Inspiration

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I'm heading out to see what I can find, and hoping to return with a pile of sheets :)


Itchin' Stitchin' said...
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Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Do you have a thrift store called Savers near you? I have had such great luck with them. I always find vintage sheets, pillowcases and fabric there. Just recently I got 2 yards of brown fabric with sheer white swiss dots for $2.50. Can't beat that.The best part is they give back to communities around them.

Kristen said...

Yes, Savers has always been where I've had the best luck! If you donate something they also give you a coupon for 20% off everything :) $2.50 for 2 yards of dotted swiss~ you scored! The closest Savers is a little ways away, but I think I'll make the trip this week, thanks for reminding me!

Allana said...

I love those curtains, thanks for the great links and inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

What a great mosaic of inspiration! Thanks for adding my photo to the bunch!