Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Print♥

Last week I bought this Ferris Wheel Print from Jenny & Aaron{Everyday is a Holiday}. I couldn't get it framed and up on my wall quick enough.
It's even more beautiful in person. Everything about it is wonderful~ the colors, the amazing details, the retro feel.

It makes me want to decorate each and every room{including my boys room}in these beautiful candy coated colors!!!


Rosa said...

I love those pastel colors! And who doesn't like a Ferris wheel???

Tereza said...

What a great buy, It's such a beautiful image :)

malia said...

wow great find... i love it too! xo

Jenny Holiday said...

ahhh you sweet sweet girl!! It looks so so happy and perfect in your home!! Hooray!!

We are totally honored to have you as a fan of our work!

We love your blog to bits!

Happy Summer!!

xoxo Jenny...and Aaron