Saturday, July 5, 2008

Repurposed... from housecoat to pouches

This is what's left of an amazing fruit/floral print vintage housecoat. Since I knew wearing it was never going to be an option, most of the usable fabric was sold in bundles in my Etsy shop.
So this is what's left of it, plus two pockets. I've held onto it with the thought of turning the pockets into coin purses/pouches.

I've just recently started sewing again, I've been working on pillows... so I thought I'd get started on these too. I'm not sure which fabric I'll use to line them or of the design.
I'm not a pattern kind of girl, I think the last time I used one was in Home Economics(10th grade)~ the thought of them stresses me out! I wish I had the patience for them, but I don't.

Once I'm done, I'll post my finished work.

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Jaded said...

those are going to be cute pouches!