Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip to the Beach & some really really good mail!

I love this beach, no matter what time of year there will always be only a handful of people. This is where I grew up(Belmont Shores), spending weekends & summers with my Dad~the pink arrow is about where we lived.
Sometimes I can get pretty caught up with Working/Crafting/Etsying/Blogging/Cleaning that I forget it's summer and the kids need to get out of the house, so today we headed to the beach. I'm glad we did, everyone had a great time and I finally got some sun!

The second best part of the day was coming home to these!

I was so excited to see that they arrived today. I found this amazing seller, (I think through Timemachine 2 on Etsy). The shop is Porkchopshow you'll have to check out his unique & really cool items.
Earlier in the week I had gone through my vintage jewelry~ cleaning and organizing it, and thought about making some necklaces or brooches... then I saw these! I can't wait to get started on putting something together :)

I have more exciting mail coming this week, or maybe next... I'll share them too once they're here.


lupe said...

wow great finds! I looked at their shop, really fun stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

Anna's Jewels said...

great funky stuff!!I wish I could go to the beach here, it's too cold still

Blue & White Wear said...

These are so cool - can't wait to see what you create.

Made by Melissa said...

Great finds on those vintage pieces. Looks like the beach was fun too.

saffron said...

How lovely to come home to these! Your blog is very fun!

Liza said...

Thanks some much for your comment! I've been keeping my eye on those vintage "keys" for a while now (on etsy) and I just haven't buckled down and gotten any yet. Congrats! They look great!
My beach trip is coming up this weekend... I'm super excited :)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Porkchopshow has been in my faves for a while; great finds there! Have fun creating and your beach shots are beautiful.