Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Intro. into the Blog world...

Before I had even heard the word BLOG I found this website. Which led me to the most wonderful Blog ever~ Posie Gets Cozy! I found myself checking it daily, always looking forward to Alicia's posts. I think it's been almost three years since then. This coming November 11, her book Stitched in Time: Memory-Keeping projects to Sew and Share will be available to purchase~ yeah!

About three years ago, I decided that I needed to work from home. Having four kids, I've always known that being home when my kids got home from school, when they were sick or during the Summer was more important than having a job outside of the home. Figuring out what that was going to be and how it would work was something I really wasn't sure of?? I read(and saved) something from Alicia Paulson(I believe from an interview) about working for yourself~ my original plan was to print it out and frame it because it was so inspiring.

Words of advice for those pursuing their creative goals.

Do it. At the end, no one is ever going to thank you for not
living your life. You just have to sort of bang on through,
don’t worry about being perfect, don’t worry about whether
people think you’re a “success” or not. You will be.
You just keep on slogging away at it, and remember what
a gift it is to have this kind of independence and responsibility
and opportunity to do it on your own, exactly as you want
to-you will make as much as you need, because you’ll have to.
Learn who to listen to and learn to say no if it doesn’t
feel right. Trust the feeling in your stomach. Laugh at yourself.
Have a good time. Be happy with what you’ve done each day and whom you’ve done it with, because that in itself is a worthy contribution to this crazy world.

Love that!!

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Distressing Delilah said...

She was one of the first blogs I saw too! Her site is wonderful!