Monday, July 20, 2009

Color Combo's I ♥

Makes me want to get crafty, go thrifting, re-organize & paint!! I love everything about these colors, alone & together~ so cheery!

1. My fabric buffet, 2. Vanilla Cupcakes, 3. Quilt show goodies, 4. Faded Doorway on Pink, 5. pink aqua and red, 6. new stuff3, 7. Aprons, 8. Pink/Aqua Feedsack, 9. Green and aqua and pink., 10. Pastel Village..., 11. Vintage Daisy Brooch, 12. In the Pink... and Aqua, 13. Blue Pots14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

My Wish/Lust list:

Vintage blue ship vase, by: VeesVintage

Dreamboat Annie Skirt, by: LoveToLoveYou

Sunny Ship in a Bottle Plush, by: prettylilthings

You're nothing but a pack of cards 8x10 print, by: ellemoss

I'm heading to the paint store with these colors in mind for some new projects. So inspiring ♥ ♥


Bagladee said...

I'm loving the dresser in the collage, all the fabric looks so vibrant and pretty :) thanks for sharing such yummy photos x

~~Carol~~ said...

I'm loving that aqua color these days, especially with red ;-)

Rosa said...

K, it's official, I LOVE your blog!!! Delightful!!

Rosa said...

Have to add you to my favorites so I don't lose you! Hope you don't mind!!