Friday, July 17, 2009

The Window Man is coming to Town....

It's only once a month, but when he comes around I get really excited! The window man(well that's what everyone calls him because his space is filled with windows~ and his truck bed is over-flowing with windows & doors)comes here once a month, so I try to make sure to visit him. He rescue's windows from Old Homes that are going to be destroyed or refurbished.

1. I Am Loved Again 1, 2. Yet another abandoned house, 3. The old distillery - old window frames, 4. the elderly woman and the fat brown cat

I love this idea, what a clever way to divide a room!

1. Window wall

1. Vintage Cartoon Las Vegas Map

My kids are off to Lav Vegas to spend a couple weeks with family. I was expecting to be a little more excited to finally have some time to myself, but less than a minute after dropping them off I'm surprised to find myself crying, the whole way home....and they just left! Wow, if this is any indicator as to how I'm going to feel when they finally grow up and move away from home, I'm in trouble!

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