Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She Paints, I Work.

My daughter loves to paint. This is something we do lots of during the Summer. So while I'm running around the house trying to complete projects or getting something packed up and ready to send out, this is what she's happiest doing.

These are some of my past Magnetic Chalkboards/Memo Boards. I'm taking the next couple weeks to work on adding a dozen or two into my Etsy Shop.
That's my goal, it's going to take a lot of organizing, frame hunting, fabric ordering, painting & time! I actually enjoy the whole process, seeing a piece go from something plain and simple to something pretty and functional.
Now making this happen while my kids are out of school for Summer, is going to be challenging~ wish me Luck :)


Beach Vintage said...

Wonderful stuff your daughter is creating. Keep it up. Love the frames too.

Amanda said...

What yummy colors in this post! Love both the paintings and the frames!

thebabykitties said...

I think you should have her design Ben a t-shirt. He would Love it.

ittybittybirdy said...

How lovely to spend summer days painting! What a cutie too! I adore the pink chalkboard. I need a bigger or just more walls! How sad is that. No more wall space :(

Kirsten said...

Love the art work!