Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Functional spaces...

Lately I've been spending a lot of time organizing my house, trying to make it less cluttered and more functional. That's not so easy to do when you love thrifting/garaging/flea-marketing/and estate sale-ing and are constantly bring new{old}things home. I try to not bring things home that I can't/won't actually use, unless I plan on putting it in my Vintage Shop.

{Pennants from last weekend, that I love seeing hung on my shabby old door}
{Chalkware sailor duck named: Junior, made in 1947~ I didn't know he was that old until I got him home, I'm glad I picked him up!}
I picked this up years ago{I think it was used as a tool box} and haven't been using it like I should. It has a really deep/wide drawer with a shelf on top.
Sitting on my desk next to the computer, I'll be sure to get lots of use out of it now.
Being less cluttered gives me more time to work on projects, and just feels so much better :)
A few Memo Boards I completed over the weekend.
I have about a month before my kids are home for the Summer and I'm hoping to have my house decluttered and organized by then :)


hatjunkie said...

It's like shopping in your own home. I know all I need to do is go up to my attic and I could redesign my home. Boy, cleaning, what a novel idea. I'll have to try that sometime.

Tattered Butterfly Studio said...

Cute memo boards! I hear ya about the kids being out of school soon.

Panda said...

I love those memo boards! I have so many frames like those that I've picked up at thrift stores, and now I have more ways to use them. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Loved this BOX wow and look how much it holds

love Dawn xx