Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow~ How time flies.....

I just realized it's almost been two weeks since my last post. Recently I took my kids by my first job. As soon as I opened the door the smell hit me and took me back 20 years....ahhh, it reminded me of working on a Saturday, wearing my gingham apron and icing cakes~ I loved my job!! The smell was the same, but about everything else had changed.
I just bought these fabric labels. I'm SO happy with how they turned out!!
If you're looking for labels, check out this Shop, she does great work & gives excellent speedy service!!
Normally I wouldn't consider paying $14.99 for a Magazine, but this was worth every penny.
So so inspiring! Love this magazine, but it only comes out four times a year, so if you need a fix in between issues~ they also have a Website & Blog .
I picked up this book: "American Junk" last week at an Antique Mall. Every time I flip through it I find something new, it never gets old.
The author talks about the time she found her childhood dollhouse{that she lost in a fire} while visiting a Junk Shop "I paid $10 and carried it out like Lancelot clasping the Holy Grail".
That's how I felt when I found my childhood doll~ Steffie from the "Sunshine Family" last week at the flea market. She makes me smile every time I see her sitting on my shelf♥

I have some very exciting mail coming this week~ I'll be back to share once it arrives :)


hatjunkie said...

I loved my first job too. In a gourmet coffee shop. that magazine looks wonderful. I love looking at photos of people's studios. So inspirational.

vintagesue said...

oh my gosh...i totally remember the sunshine family!! i had the whole family and who knows where they are now??? how funny.
i love mary randolph carter books!! i agree they can be looked at over and over again.
great post. thanks for sharing!!

trish said...

Augh ... the sunshine family ... now you are really tugging at my heart! :o)