Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cutters or Keepers??

When do you turn your vintage linens into cutters~ recycling/repurposing well loved linens???
I don't mind using an apron or tablecloth with fading or stains, so I probably hold onto my linens a little longer than most. Although it's hard for me to cut into well loved linens, I really enjoy creating items out of vintage fabric.


1. Vintage Tablecloth Pillow, Handmade, 2. Tropicana- recycled apron, 3. Recycle Tablecloth Skirt, 4. Nana's Cottage Pie reversible handbag - print side

**A couple fun things to do with your cutters:
Pennant Banner
Peasant Blouse

I have this book{and LOVE it!}creating Lampshades with vintage linens, the perfect way to recycle!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Score of the Year!!

Hands down, this has to be my favorite purchase of the year. I couldn't wait for it to arrive....
I love browsing Eiderdowns on Ebay, just to look{and dream} because usually they're way too expensive for me~ but I love looking anyways. Well, the other day I was shocked to see this amazing Eiderdown listed in a Buy-it-now for a price I couldn't believe!!
It was flashing Buy-me-now, Buy-me-now..... so I did :)
I don't make lots of big purchases because when you have four kids there are so many other things you really need. I haven't had my hair done in a Salon in over a year{yikes, I think it's closer to two years} I look more like a billy goat than a woman at this point, so believe me when I say I don't usually spend money on myself.
The most exciting part of buying the Eiderdown wasn't just the Eiderdown, but who I'd actually bought it from~ which I didn't know until I finished checking out. I guess I probably shouldn't say, but she's one of my very Favorite fabric Designers!! How cool is that :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow~ How time flies.....

I just realized it's almost been two weeks since my last post. Recently I took my kids by my first job. As soon as I opened the door the smell hit me and took me back 20 years....ahhh, it reminded me of working on a Saturday, wearing my gingham apron and icing cakes~ I loved my job!! The smell was the same, but about everything else had changed.
I just bought these fabric labels. I'm SO happy with how they turned out!!
If you're looking for labels, check out this Shop, she does great work & gives excellent speedy service!!
Normally I wouldn't consider paying $14.99 for a Magazine, but this was worth every penny.
So so inspiring! Love this magazine, but it only comes out four times a year, so if you need a fix in between issues~ they also have a Website & Blog .
I picked up this book: "American Junk" last week at an Antique Mall. Every time I flip through it I find something new, it never gets old.
The author talks about the time she found her childhood dollhouse{that she lost in a fire} while visiting a Junk Shop "I paid $10 and carried it out like Lancelot clasping the Holy Grail".
That's how I felt when I found my childhood doll~ Steffie from the "Sunshine Family" last week at the flea market. She makes me smile every time I see her sitting on my shelf♥

I have some very exciting mail coming this week~ I'll be back to share once it arrives :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A favorite Etsy Shop & purchase..

I finally found the perfect frame for one of my favorite prints. I purchased this Tattooed Lady post card from Amanda Atkins Etsy Shop.
I love her unique vintage inspired feminine style.
I look forward to hanging many more of her prints♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Functional spaces...

Lately I've been spending a lot of time organizing my house, trying to make it less cluttered and more functional. That's not so easy to do when you love thrifting/garaging/flea-marketing/and estate sale-ing and are constantly bring new{old}things home. I try to not bring things home that I can't/won't actually use, unless I plan on putting it in my Vintage Shop.

{Pennants from last weekend, that I love seeing hung on my shabby old door}
{Chalkware sailor duck named: Junior, made in 1947~ I didn't know he was that old until I got him home, I'm glad I picked him up!}
I picked this up years ago{I think it was used as a tool box} and haven't been using it like I should. It has a really deep/wide drawer with a shelf on top.
Sitting on my desk next to the computer, I'll be sure to get lots of use out of it now.
Being less cluttered gives me more time to work on projects, and just feels so much better :)
A few Memo Boards I completed over the weekend.
I have about a month before my kids are home for the Summer and I'm hoping to have my house decluttered and organized by then :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

UnBirthdays & Birthdays...

Oh my! I can't believe I found this Mannequin and it's not even my Birthday!! I've been missing the one I sold and have been browsing the internet lately for another one, but quickly realized they're too expensive. So imagine how excited I was to stumbled onto her this morning at the Flea Market, and we'll only have to go about a week or so with out eating~ totally worth it!!!
I've also had a fascination with pennants and recently spent hours browsing Etsy and hearting them up a storm~ another score at an Estate Sale today!
I love Chalkware & pastel colors~ I almost squealed out loud when I spotted this pig, and the duck was just too cute to pass up so I took him too. I also picked up this pink huge 30" x 50"{boxed never used}vintage bathroom rug and two frames. It was a very good day :)
So even though it wasn't my Birthday{but it sure felt like it was} it was my daughters on Friday.
I can't believe how fast they grow, if I could just keep this one small forever~ I would!