Friday, October 21, 2011

Creepy or Cute?

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. I'm still alive, I've just been extremely busy. As my Grandpa used to say: "I'm as busy{or tired}as a one legged man in a fanny kickin contest." That pretty much sums it up!

Last weekend I picked up these old tattered dolls. Even though they're a crackled hot mess, I thought they were as cute as could be! I wasn't even sure what I'd do with them.

Now I do....the best $6 I've spent in awhile♥ They make great Halloween decor too :)

AWESOME Etsy Find:

When I saw this Mommy & Me Wrap set I was in love. Something about it was so familiar....
I guess it reminded me of this:

{Me and my Mom, in 1971}I remember not loving the outfit or the hair that day. Poorpitifulpearls version is SO MUCH cooler!!!


MommaMindy said...

I remember a patchwork granny skirt my mom made in the 70's. She wore a plain white blouse and a chunky necklace. Of course, her hair was teased and sprayed high on her head. I thought she was so amazingly wonderful. I shared this memory with her the other day and she doesn't remember. Wish I had a picture like yours to prove it!

Carly said...

How fun! Love your vintage pic of you and your mom! So cute! Glad to see a new post, I always enjoy them!
Happy weekend!

Kristen said...

I think we all have similar photo's, especially where your wearing something that makes you wonder "What was my mom thinking??" Unfortunately that outfit wasn't one of my worst :)
Carly~ I tried leaving a comment on your Blog{like 7 times...then I had to quit}BUT I wanted to tell you that you scored the most awesome mother-load of vintage linens ever! And a few weeks ago I had an almost identical lousy evening like yours...but yours turned out WAY better :)

Thanks for stopping by♥

malia said...

LOVE that old pix of you and your Mom-- you are both adorable!!!

Chloe Greene said...

Heart-warming pic. Little girl wanting to be just like her mum. Reminds me of my Maggie, a very girly girl, who when she was four and I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up replied: "A bride."

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Kristi Coles said...

Love your blog!! And I have a doll head like the ones you found. I will get a photo of it soon for my blog. I have just started this blogging thing. I would love it if you checked it out at
And I would also love a "follow" if you think it's your style. :)

Laura Huey said...

Wow! A PPP mention :) I love your blog, new follower ;)