Monday, April 6, 2009

Build It Yourself Studio

I seriously need(well maybe not need, but want) one of these Wood Storage Sheds, which I would use as a crafting/work studio.

Flickr backyard studio finds:

1. SERIEGA4, 2. Becky Mason's Studio-2008, 3. The "artist studio" in the back, 4. My Backyard Studio (think it, make it, live it...)

This little backyard studio is my all time favorite! The lucky owner is Lori Marie of one of my favorite etsy shops Prettylilthings. You can go here if you'd like a glimpse at the inside.

1. tiny house front

Aren't these the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't have enough room in their home for their own craft room/studio?? I'd be the happiest girl on earth if I had one :)


Two Happy Stampers said...

Oh, something like this would be perfect!! Of course, where I live, I would need air conditioning somehow... it's April and it's already very, very warm.

Caroline said...

Having a little getaway like that would be great. You could really focus and have time to yourself while you create.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

As I look around my fabric strewn bedroom, I am feeling a bit envious. I don't think we have enough room in the back, though. Not unless we lose the veggies. Hmm.
Charming little places. Thanks for sharing!

Dee Larson said...

Lovely! I love the one with stone. I need one for when my parents come here from Canada and when you just need to get away from the noise.
~dee (our little love nest)

Kristen said...

I don't think having one of these is too much to ask.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who's loving the idea :)

Here at the cottage said...

I've been wanting & needing one of these for a while now. I drool over some of the studios in Country Living that have a lot of glass and are decorated so perfect.

Having my studio in the house just doesn't cut it compared to these.