Sunday, April 19, 2009

It feels like Summer....

Today it's unusually warm. 93 degrees and man is it Hot! My kids even dragged out(and put up themselves)their 1100 gallon pool the other day, which isn't an easy task!
When I was at the store this morning I saw a woman in the cutest sundress. It made me realize I have none, and that I really need to get a few before summer...or as soon as possible.

This is by: Forever21. I like the halter style, and the fact that it's only $24.80

I love tube tops, and a tube top dress~ even better! This is also from Forever21, and only $19.80. The pockets are cute but you might not want to overload them....or you might lose your top!

Another cute tube top smocked strapless dress by: Forever21~ $27.80

This is probably my favorite(minus the shoes). It's a Roxy dress from:, it's a little more expensive than the others at $55.50.

And what's a sundress without a cute pair of flip-flops? I just found the best web-site called My Diva's Closet where I found these cute 2" platform flip-flops in vibrant colors for only $12. If you live in flip-flops like I do in the summer you'll want to check out their selection~ I was really surprised at how reasonable their prices were.


Rose said...

ooo i love the floral and red dresses (i have one similar).
I have never heard of forever21 before, they have some lovely stuff...this is not going to help my clothes habbit ;)

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I think we may be going to the preteen was reading over my shoulder and making "ooh" noises about the sundresses!

You must be in CA. It was SO hot!!

our little love nest said...

That red dress is calling to me!

Samantha said...

Forever21 always has cute, cheap summer dresses! I love those smocked ones. :)

'fancypicnic' said...

Love those flip flops!
You made me laugh about not overloading your pockets...too right!! Could be funny...?!

Here at the cottage said...

I am not shocked that we both have a Maxi dress post, lol. Good to know we still think alike.

Hope all is well!