Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a happy and fun filled Easter.

1. Vintage Easter card basket & foil covered eggs, 2. Vintage Easter Store Banner, 3. Crazy Vintage Easter Bunny, 4. Vintage Easter Chick Faux Cupcakes, 5. Easter Pose Bunny, 6. Mr. Easter, 7. Vintage Easter chicks, 8. Easter Picks from Ebay, 9. Happy Easter Friends Reunion

If you're like me and don't know how to boil the perfect Easter egg, here's a link with possibly the best step-bye-step way to do it. Mine turned out great, unlike the usual slimy half done one's I normally make.


ittybittybirdy said...

Happy Hoppy easter to you too!

Akane Designs said...

Great vintage selections! I want to know how to dye the egg that way!