Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite things about Fall....

Well, I might have to drive for hours...or maybe even days to get to a place that looks like this, but this is what Fall should look like.

1. 1st Fall picture

I love adding Fall and Halloween accents around the house.

Paper garlands, by: paperacorn

{Things I'm looking forward to wearing}
1} Fall Scarf/Sash, by: EmmaDear
2} Warm Hat, by: charmedmsure
3} Cardigan, by: ovejanegra
4} Pumpkin Neckwarmer, by: knittles

Yay, it's back! Pumpkin Spice Latte ....Yum, it's my favorite♥

This is the first year that my son is playing football. My boys have always played baseball, and I'm not a huge football fan, so this is all new to me. At times I've found myself being the only one from our side yelling and clapping{I'm guessing the play was in the other teams favor??}.

It's been a lot of fun so far, no broken I'm happy.


Rosa said...

Oh yes, to everything! I love the SB pumpkin spice, but I avoid it now. But YUMMM! My son played football his freshman and sophomore year. They were actually state champs his sophomore year! Wooohoooo. You will enjoy it sooooo much. We're not big football fans either, but there's something about HS football that is exhilarating. Must be the band section and pom poms. <3

Bevie said...

It's been so nice taking a look around in your do have a big boy there...and from the looks of those pants he's really in to it!!! Happy too there's been no injuries. I love that photo of what fall should look like. Hubby and I just took a long ride up in the mountains where we live...the leaves are turning quickly this year..probably cuz of all the rain we've had here in VA...blessings to you and yours!!!

Kristen said...

Yes, I am loving High School Football! That is TOO funny about the pants...he hates that picture and would have a fit if he knew anyone was looking at it~ LOL!

A drive to the mountains sounds soooo nice, oh and rain too~ how lucky are you!

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

You found all of the best things about the season. (I like to toss soccer in, too, since my boys are too young for football.We still support the local team, though!)

I dedicate my next Pumpkin Spice to you!