Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Flea Market Finds...

I got up and out early this morning hoping to find a few vintage frames. No luck with frames, but I did find a few things I'm crazy about.

I found this cute little kitschy Cuckoo Clock. I love it, I'm not too sure how to make it work yet, but for now I'm happy just having it to look at♥

I picked up this Quilt{very Cath Kidston}and a sweet tiny Elephant nodder~ he can be seen in the picture above sitting on the ledge of the frame.
I'm heading back out to hunt for Frames :)


Becky said...

I love your pink shelves. The cuckoo clock looks adorable their. And the quilt is very pretty.

Rose said...

Great finds! We have a similar cuckoo clock somewhere, the small ones are so cute.
And that quilt is gorgeous. You really are a great flea market hunter :)


~~Carol~~ said...

Great finds! I have that same little clock, and when I'd wind it up, it would run way too fast, and I didn't know how to fix it to get it to slow down, so it's packed away somewhere. Now you've made me want to find it, because it IS so cute just to look at!

Kirsten said...

I so still love looking at your blog and all it's candy colored goodness.

Going to Warrenton for the antique festival this year? You would love it!

Sweetina said...

Beautiful finds! The quilt is gorgeous and coocoo clocks are such fun!
Looks like you had a successful hunt!