Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vintage Paper Shelf Edging

I think this is one of the greatest home decor inventions ever!!

1. Royaledge

1. China Cupboard, 2. Chicago Kitchenalia in cabinet

About 5 years ago I discovered Shelf Edging. I spent way too much time trying to win some on eBay. The problem was, there was a buyer that would bid on every single listing, seriously I would find one, go to check it out...and there she was~ already bidding on it. She won most auctions{her collection must be unbelievable}. So, after losing countless auctions to this other buyer....I became like a maniac bidding ridiculous amounts of $$ just to get a hold of one single measly package of shelf edging.
Eventually I did win one. I think the other buyer must have been in the bathroom, at the store or maybe even in the Hospital when that auction ended. I think I even high fived myself{and normally, I'm completely against high five-ing} I was SO excited!!

♥Cherry paper edging on a shelf in my Kitchen♥

A friend and I almost daily send each other links to listings on Etsy that we think the other will like. So, when she sent me this unbelievably cute Shelf Edging....I couldn't start clicking quick add to click CLICK!!! Not only was it at an unbelievable price{I'm kind of feeling like I should have paid more} but not having to stress out about out-bidding another buyer for it~ SO much better than the eBay days :)

I added my new edging to a ledge in my Kitchen. It runs about 6 feet long{I couldn't take a wider shot because that would have meant I'd have to pick up some temporary time for that now} it divides my kitchen & dining area/workspace. You know it's a good thing when your 12 year old tells you she loves it & that it's her favorite thing in the the whole house.


Mia Sophia said...

This is just too cute! Congrats on winning on ebay and the relief of buying on Etsy!

Katy said...

lol! I love this! The trim is so cute. I admire your commitment to bidding on ebay it just stresses me out ;0) Blessings, Katy

Amanda Atkins said...

Hi Kristen!
Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I love your vintage shop (especially the squeaky poodles!).

Esther said...

Love your edging. How does it stay on? Is it removable?

Come on over to my blog. I've got my first giveaway going.

Kristen said...

Esther~ The edging is actually attached to a sheet that you lay on your shelf(like shelf liner)and the edging is folded over to hang off the shelf.
I hope that makes sense :)

thebabykitties said...

damn that is cute!