Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Repurpose: Vintage Tie Backs

They're not just for holding your curtains back anymore. A few years ago I added this broken metal flower(I think it was a tie back at one time)to a nail and hung it inside my closet to hold misc. items.

Recently I came across this picture and thought what a great idea it was. Although some of them I believe are knobs(you really could use whatever you'd like)I think vintage tie backs would be perfect for something like this.

Found on HGTV.com

A few of my favorites found on Etsy:

1} Shabby Blue Curtain Tie Backs, by: SelvageBoutique
2} Little Dutch Girl Tie Backs, by: ohmymilky
3} Vintage Curtain Tie Backs, by: Superduper

Flickr Inspirations....

1. Curtain Tie-Back Holders, 2. Aqua Blue Glass Tie back, 3. Glass Curtain Tie Backs, 4. Nursery Curtains

A great way to ♥Recycle & Reuse♥

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Rose said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing :)